Mar - May Cycle Registration

Time to start registering for our upcoming March-May cycle (starting March 17th onwards)!

Below you will see all the classes we have for this upcoming cycle (click on a class to see more details and a link to the registration form). This cycle we are offering our general 101-104 classes, 101-103 classes for QTBIPOC folk (including 101-102 PWD), and 101-104 PWD classes that are centered around disabilities.

If what you see below doesn't work for you, make sure to add yourself to the waiting list as we will likely reach out as class spots continue shuffle around behind scenes.

If you're unsure what level you should register for - check out our assessment page.

If you're having trouble viewing the classes below, please try refreshing your browser or viewing via a different browser/device.

Thank you so much!

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