Queer ASL is a 2SLGBTQQIA+ positive environment that focuses on creating a more accessible, affordable, and safer space for folks who want to learn ASL.

About Queer ASL

We focus on introducing American Sign Language and Deaf culture to 2SLGBTQQIA+ learners and their allies. People who complete Queer ASL classes are able to carry basic ASL conversations and have a better understanding about Deaf communities. Our classes are currently fully online during the pandemic and we have the goal of eventually offering both online and in-person class options.

Taught by Deaf Queers

Our classes are only taught by Deaf 2SLGBTQIA+ folk for various reasons. The biggest two would be; creating a (safer) working environment for Deaf queer & trans folk to be themselves and a classroom where queer & trans people are being centred and celebrated.

Run On Donations Only

We runs on donations only and use a suggested donation sliding scale of $100-$400 per course. The donations goes toward the growth & sustainability of Queer ASL and paying everyone working for Queer ASL. However, nobody is denied access if they are unable to donate.