General Questions
Class Questions


General Questions

Do I need to know any ASL in order to to take your classes?

Nope! ASL 1O1 is the perfect starting point for you as that class is for folks who have no ASL knowledge or almost none.

Can allies take the classes?

Yup! Our classes are specifically for  2SLGBTQQIA+ folk but allies are more than welcome to attend as long as they respect the fact that the classes are centred around queer & trans folk.

Does QASL only teach queer signs?

No, we focus on introducing ASL which means learning the language. Our classes are tailored to meet the needs of 2SLGBTQQIA+ folk so for example, we will only identify students as PERSON (instead of WOMAN/MAN like most ASL classes do) and normalize various relationships (including polyamorous relationships), etc. Students who complete our classes can carry basic conversations with ASL signers.

Where can I buy Queer ASL flashcards?

We are working hard on getting our flashcards back in print and when this happens - we will definitely make an announcement on our social media and via our mailing list!  

Do you offer workshops?

Yes, we offer ASL & Deaf Culture workshops for businesses & organizations that want to become more accessible. At times, we will partner with organizations to offer a full course as well. To inquire further - please contact us.

Do you offer private tutoring?

Not at the moment but we can at times help you find a private tutor so please don't hesitate to contact us and see if we can be of some assistance.  


Registration Questions

How much and how do I send my donation?

We suggest a sliding scale of $100-$400 per course. You will get information on how to send your donation in your confirmation email that you'd get a little bit after you fill out the registration form.  

What if I can't afford to donate?

No problem - we do not turn anyone away if they're unable to donate. We do appreciate any amount of donation (even if it's less than the suggested scale) but we care a lot about making sure folks can access our classes even if they cannot donate.  

I filled out the registration form but I didn't get a confirmation email?

Registrations is a one-person job right now so it can take up to a few days before you get a confirmation email because each registration is reviewed before sending a confirmation email. If it has been a few days and you haven't gotten an email - you might want to check your spam email box and/or add queeraslreg@gmail.com to your contacts.

I was supposed to get a welcome email a week before class started but I don't see an email?

Our welcome emails sometime go straight into the spam email box for some reason (we are working on it!). If you add queerasl@gmail.com to your contacts, this should avoid the issue and/or keep an eye on your spam box about a week before your class starts.  

Where is the zoom link for attending the classes?

The zoom link is in your welcome email. Make sure to read everything throughly as it has everything you need in order to start your Queer ASL course.

How many cycles do you have per year?

We have 5 cycles per year - approx. Jan, March, May, July, and Sept. Registration typically opens about a month before the cycle starts.  

How quickly do the classes fill up?

Quite quickly! Typically in a few days to a week. Certain levels will fill up faster. If the level you want to take is full when you go to register, make sure to add yourself to the waiting list as it's quite possible we will add more classes or reach out when folks cancel their registration.

How do I know when registration is open?

Best way is to join our mailing list as we will email as soon as registration is open. Following us on instagram is another good way to stay in the loop as we share registration (etc) updates often. 


Class Questions

Can I attend class without a webcam?

Unfortunately we request that you have a working webcam in order to attend our online classes as participation is a huge part of your success as an ASL student.  

What if I miss a class?

This shouldn't be an issue as long as it's only the occasional class and if you're still watching the lessons & doing your homework. In addition, we do offer the option of joining a different class during the week.

How are the classes set-up?

We encourage you to read our classes page as it explains exactly how our classes work!

Will I still have access to the online materials once class is done?

You bet! You can basically access the materials for life or at least until we change how our materials are stored... which won't be anytime soon at all!  

How much of a time commitment do the courses require outside of attending the zoom classes?

We would suggest that you spend about 2-3 hours a week on Queer ASL (outside of attending the classes). This would involve watching the lesson videos a few times, watching & doing your homework videos, watching the review videos, and reading our Deaf Culture PDFs. We suggest spreading it all over the week as the more you think in ASL on a regular basis - the better!

How do I practice outside of a class?

We have a discord channel that you can join in order to meet other students, interact with teachers, ask questions, share cool findings, and set ups practice groups. Otherwise, we would encourage you to follow our instagram as we share a lot of helpful ASL tips via stories etc.

My partner/friend (etc) and I want to take the class together. Can we both use the same computer?

We would prefer to avoid this if at all possible because it's much easier to track participants if each person uses their own device. It's also easier for us to set up activities during practice. If there's only one computer, perhaps the other person could use their phone only during the practice sections? Outside of that, they can watch the teacher/powerpoint (etc) on the computer.

If not at all possible - please mention this when you register (and make sure to register each person separately even if you both will be using the same device).


Access Questions

I'm autistic and have difficulty with eye contact. What can I do?

We have lots of autistic ASL students and while everyone has different approaches... opting to focus on the general face area instead of maintaining constant eye contact has been a popular choice. Joining our discord channel would be a great way to seek out other autistic ASL students to swap tips.

I'm chronically ill. Is it possible to attend classes with my camera turned off on super low spoon days?

Absolutely! Just let your teacher know at the start of your zoom class that you'll be attending with camera turned off. This way you can still observe and the teacher knows to not put you into breakout rooms. Another option is that you could request to attend a different class during the same week.

I have an auditory processing disorder (or am hard of hearing) - will classes be captioned?

Our classes have audio turned off so we can focus on creating an immersive learning environment and to be respectful of Deaf space. We communicate using a combination of powerpoints, signing, gesturing, fingerspelling, and typing.

I'm left-handed. Which hand should I use?

Use your left hand then! :) We use whatever hand that we typically write with as our dominant hand. You will learn more about this at your first class.

I'm deaf but I don't know sign language - can I still take your class?

Absolutely! Not only that, we prioritize you in our classes. It means the world to us when deaf people take our classes.

I have another disability and/or access needs that isn't listed- who do I contact to ask a question?

You can contact us via the contact form and we will get in touch as soon as we can!