Meet Our Team

Here's who has taught and/or worked with us in the last couple years. If you're interested in joining our team, please do reach out!

Alexis is a Deaf queer who has been teaching ASL for 3 years and works full time with Deaf children (also as their sports coach). When Alexis is not working, she likes to spend her free time hiking and geocaching. Favourites: her Jeep, cats, and Netflix.

Bana is a hard-of-hearing queer female, first generation Eritrean-American, and a mom. She enjoys travelling and her favourite place is Disneyland. She's a massive foodie and her favourite chef is Bobby Flay. Her favourite cooking show is Worst Cooks in America because it helps her feel like an iron chef! 

Bridget is a Deaf lesbian woman that grew up on small family farm in Wisconsin with plenty of land to roam. She would run through fields of corn, or idly sit by the pond. As you can see, Bridget is an outdoor person and love having a campfire during summer nights. Currently living in Pennsylvania with her two ferrets named Max & Zeek.

Brittany is a Deaf queer ASL teacher who lives with her loud house on Camano Island, WA. Rising actress who was part of the amazing production of ASL Midsummer and many future projects! When not working, you will find Britt usually at home staying busy with her 2 husky mixes, 5 cats, her growing children, and her loving husband.

Imran has been teaching for 25 years! He enjoys travelling (especially by airplane) and miss his dear dog, late Sophie. Enjoys walking and playing with his new puppy, Chico! Loves teaching - especially discussing a variety of topics and current events.

Jeffrey is a Deaf Queer Filipino born in the Philippines, and raised in San Diego. He currently teaches ASL courses at Colleges & Universities. He enjoys adventures into the mural, contemporary art museums, and exploring food.

Kai is a Deaf queer who has more books than bookshelves in his house & a handful of stage acting credits. When not teaching ASL, Kai works as an educator in public schools & spend lots of time cuddling his dog.

Kay is a queer, gender-fluid, and hard of hearing multidisciplinary artist, accessibility consultant, and arts worker. They have been proudly volunteering & working as a social coordinator at Queer ASL for the past 4.5 years. They love chatting with and learning more about students who join the QASL community! 

Kim is a Deaf Disabled queer artist who has been teaching at Queer ASL since 2016 and doing behind-the-scenes management since 2020. Loves: cats, french fries, netflix, eating fries while watching netflix with her cats.

Rosetta (Retta) is a Deaf lesbian who has a passion for ASL. She enjoys her morning coffee, ASL storytelling & comedy, and creating art. She is a fourth generation in her Deaf family and has attended three Deaf schools in Columbus, Rochester and Indianapolis. Faves: animals, travelling, hanging out with friends, and learning about new things.

Wu, a deaf gay man born in China, relocated to San Francisco in 2016 and now teaches at numerous institutions. Three facts about Wu: he's a cat enthusiast & owns 2 adorable kitties; he's a Starbucks BTS (Been There Series) mug collector (100 mugs so far!); he's a polyglot, which means he knows Mandarin, English, ASL, Japanese, and Spanish.

Zoée is a Deaf queer agender elf who created Queer ASL in 2009. These days they mostly focus on organizing & developing all the things. They are also the instructor in most lesson videos students watch. Current obsession: their newly adopted cat from SPCA, learning how to grow flowers, and the sensation of a perfectly sharpened pencil.