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People who have scent sensitivities, ES (environmental sensitivities), MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities), and/or low immunity experience irritating, painful, or debilitating symptoms when exposed to added fragrance/parfum and other scented chemicals often found in:

● Shampoo and conditioners
● Hairsprays
● Deodorants
● Colognes and aftershaves
● Fragrances and perfumes
● Lotions and creams
● Potpourri
● Industrial and household
● Soaps
● Cosmetics
● Air fresheners and deodorizers
● Oils
● Candles
● Diapers
● Some types of garbage bags


These symptoms may be mildly irritating or very debilitating, depending on the severity of the sensitivity or allergy. People may experience some or all of the following symptoms:

● Headaches
● Seizures
● Dizziness, lightheadedness
● Nausea
● Fatigue
● weakness
● Insomnia
● Numbness
● Upper respiratory symptoms
● Shortness of breath
● Skin irritation
● Malaise
● Confusion
● Difficulty with concentration


Please DO NOT wear scented products to class. Check the ingredients label! If the ingredients list says “fragrance/parfum”, DO NOT wear it to class. This includes washing your hair or body with scented shower products on the day of class. Be careful! Even if the front label says “scent-free”, they may have only masked the scent by use of an additional chemical. Look for products that say “no added fragrance” and then check the ingredients list!

Thank you for keeping Queer ASL an accessible space!

To learn more about coming to class scent free – please read this webpage.