Victoria Queer ASL Access Information

Below you will find information about where our Queer ASL workshops are in Victoria BC and what the access is like.

At all of our locations, we make every effort to ensure that our space is scent-reduced by providing information to our students about how to come to class scent free and we provide scent-free soap. In our classrooms, we either use a chalkboard, white board or large paper (if white board/paper, we use scent-free markers).

If you have any questions about access that is not answered below, please email us at and we will get back to you asap.


Sept 30 Workshop

Location: Greater Victoria Public Library – Esquimalt Branch (1231 Esquimalt Rd)


  • The branch is wheelchair accessible and the entrance has a ramp.
  • Currently inquiring about bathrooms & chair set up.


Oct 1 Workshop

Location: City Studio (742 Johnson Street)


  • The classroom space has a open space concept and is wheelchair accessible.
  • The bathrooms are single stall & gender neutral BUT not wheelchair accessible or fat friendly. We have made arrangements with a Tim Hortons nearby to allow our students to access their bathrooms.
  • The chairs are folding chairs, some with and without cushions. If you’d like us to reserve a chair with cushions, please do let us know. Feel free to bring your own cushion as well.
  • The space can get pretty hot so we will have back up fans in case we need this to keep the room cool.