Queer ASL Homework

Queer ASL believes strongly in featuring homework videos of queer and transgender folks (of varying identities & signing levels) from our signing community for a variety of reasons. Main reason would be about ensuring that students become familiar with some people from our local signing community and see folks (maybe) like themselves. Another reason would be to focus on only learning local vocabulary instead of relying on videos that are from other locations showing non-local vocabulary. By having our own homework videos – we are able to offer a more authentic and personal glimpse of our community.

At the moment, Queer ASL 101 & 102 fully features our own homework videos, as for 103 – filming/editing is currently happening. We hope to have all levels featuring homework videos by the end of 2017.

Check out our bloopers reel for some hilarious moments during filming for Queer ASL 101!