How Online Queer ASL Works

  • Please arrive to your zoom class a few minutes before class starts. Arriving late can disrupt the class. If you’ll be late, a heads up email sent to would be nice.
  • Our classes have 8 sessions altogether (other than 104 which has 7 sessions). Full attendance is encouraged. If you miss one or two zoom sessions – not too bad as long as you keep up with your video lessons & homework. If you miss a few zoom classes in a row – your skills will have to be assessed upon your return to make sure you’re keeping up okay. At times it may be decided that you need to stop coming and try again another time where you’re able to come to most if not all zoom classes. Please do notify us about being absent in class by emailing
  • There is a no-speech policy in class – before, during, and after class – the whole space is signing only. We will communicate only in signing, gesturing, and writing. This will help us learn much faster. Another reason why we have this policy is because it is considered inappropriate to speak instead of sign in front of a Deaf person or in a Deaf/Signing space – our classes always have Deaf instructors and a number of deaf & hard of hearing students. By having this policy, it teaches us all to be culturally respectful, inclusive, and we learn much faster, it’s a win-win situation!
  • There will be lessons to watch and homework to do for you via google drive. You are expected to be able to commit about 1 hour per week for watching & learning from your lesson videos and another 1 hour for your homework. Make sure to bring your homework answers to your zoom class for reviewing together. Please watch the orientation video in your google drive folder for more details.
  • Please bring notepad & pen/pencil with you to every zoom class. Some activities will ask for you to write or draw something for example.
  • Our classes are queer & transgender centered – we ask you all to come to class with this in mind. Please do not assume one’s gender based on their appearance.