ASL Self-Assessment Tool

Do you already know a bit of ASL and want to take a class, but aren’t sure which level would be best for you? No problem. We have some steps you can follow to help us all find the right class for you.

First, head over to this video that was made using signs from our ASL 101 curriculum.

Then, write down what you understood.

Once you’re done, have a look at what you wrote and self-assess how much you understood.

  • 91-100%: no need to take Queer ASL 101! We currently don’t have an assessment tool for level 102 and higher but we’re working on it. If you aren’t sure whether you place in 102, 103, or 104, please email with the subject “ASL Assessment” and we’ll schedule a 10-20 minute Zoom meeting with an instructor.

  • 75-90%: you probably don’t need to take Queer ASL 101, but might benefit from watching some videos that cover specific vocabularies. Get in touch with us about the parts you weren’t sure about – email with the subject “101 Assessment results”

  • 60-74%: you should probably start with Queer ASL 101 to strengthen your language foundation. If you’re unsure of this, you can have a 10-20 minute Zoom meeting with one of our instructors who can assess your signing skills and get a better idea. Email with the subject “101 Assessment results”

  • 0-59%: while you might know some signs already, taking Queer ASL 101 would be our best option for you!