Would love to take Queer ASL 101 but don’t live in Vancouver BC or are unable to take the class in person? No worries! We got you covered. This online course will teach you what you could learn in person.

Queer ASL 101 Online is for people who have no previous (or very little) experience with ASL. This course involves learning the alphabet, finger-spelling, facial expressions, vocabulary, and grammar structures. You will access lessons and homework videos that feature the Vancouver BC queer signing community and a collection of Deaf culture information such as identity politics, cultural norms, history, current topics and issues, etc. People who complete Queer ASL 101 are able to start having basic conversations with signing queer folks and a better understanding of the deaf/signing community.

A bit more about Queer ASL 101 Online:

    • The lessons involve powerpoints & video instructions.
    • The homework involves watching videos & reading materials.
    • You will need to be able to film yourself giving your homework answers at times.
    • You will receive homework answers from your instructor and feedback on a weekly basis.
    • All the materials are accessed via google drive & email.
    • There are a total of 8 class lessons & homework to be done on a weekly basis for 8 weeks.
    • We offer the course using a payment sliding scale of $60-$90 per student.

What Queer ASL 101 Online Is NOT:

  • A teaching training course – do not teach what you learn in an ASL class. ASL classes should always be taught by Deaf folks who are fluent.
  • A course that will help you become an interpreter – you need to attend a program to become an interpreter in person.
  • Better than taking a class in person – attending a class in person is always the best option, but this is a second option if in person is not possible right now for you.